Saturday, July 4, 2009


We eventually found out on 16th June that his visa had been REFUSED, on the grounds that there was not enough evidence to prove that his intentions were not to try and stay in the UK and try to live there and claim benefits...!

Even though we are living and settled here as a family of 4, and had taken proof that we have a brand new apartment here in Germany with a garden for the kids, we are paying every month for the new kitchen, we have bought all our new bedroom furniture and kids furniture, we have RETURN flights booked. And he works at a well known international company for a living. Besides all that it is just for a 2 week holiday to the UK, AND we had an invitation letter from my parents confirming they are putting us up and paying for any costs associated with the trip. They even got a 7 seater car so we can all go round together as a family once we are there.

The company that handles the correspondence between the UK Border Agency and the public is called Worldbridge. They were the ones who said at the time of submitting the documents or "supporting evidence" as they call it, "Oh you've got more than enough there, they don't need all that! If they need any more information they will contact you!" And they left out a lot of our documents. This was back in March and it wasn't until June that we found out it had been refused. They never contacted us or my parents for more information. Just an outright refusal.

So as you can imagine we were shocked and outraged that they would refuse a visa for a 2 week visit, especially seeing as it is his right as the spouse of a UK National / British Citizen. Or should I say, it is MY RIGHT as a British Citizen to be able to travel to UK with my husband and it is my CHILDREN'S RIGHT to be able to travel WITHOUT being separated from their father.

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