Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My Husband requires a Visa to be able to come to the UK to meet the rest of my family. I am a British Citizen so it should be a simple case of issuing the Family Visit Visa and then we can book our flights, so we can visit my family in UK for 2 weeks.

2 weeks.

That is not a lot to ask is it?

We applied (AND PAID GOOD MONEY) for the Visa at the end of March 2009. It is now June and still no sign of the Visa.

Our 2 sons also are British Citizens. It is not practical for me to travel to England to visit my family with 2 kids under 2 years old on my own. I need my husband to come with me. I WANT him to come with me. I want him to try English Fish and Chips and mushy peas. I want us to go to the English Coast (Skegvegas!) and play on the beaches with buckets and spades. I want him to see how funny it is how the cars drive on the "wrong side". I want him to see my home town, where I grew up. I want him to meet my grandmother who is 97 years old, before it is too late. I want him to sit and drink cups of PG Tips in the garden at my parents house. I want my brother and his fiancee to see our baby for the first time before he is not a baby anymore. I want my husband to meet my other Nannan and my aunties and uncles for the first time. I want to get some clothes from Primark for my kids.

We will have been together 3 years at the end of August. Since then we have been trying / waiting for him to be allowed to come to the UK. The British Consulate would not accept his application until he had a "valid" passport. The one he had was "not acceptable" so after waiting nearly 18 months for the new "acceptable" passport, we have finally been able to apply for the Visa but now we are not getting anywhere.

We were hoping to be able to go to England either in May 2009 or July 2009. May has been and gone. Apparently the Visa Application place is having technical problems now, which is causing delays too, but usually family visit visas are supposedly processed within 15 working days, and their technical problems came well after our application was submitted.

When I wanted to book the flights back in March/April, the flights for July were reasonably priced. Now the prices have tripled.

But the main focus is getting the visa.

My husband had to send off his Passport along with his visa application. He has been without it now since 26th March.

This is an email I sent to the British consulate nearly 2 weeks ago: "Please could you check to see if it would be at all possible for my husband to receive his original documents back without it affecting his Visa Application? There are so many things here in Germany that he cannot do without his ID. He wants to apply for a driving licence and is required to produce his passport and Aufenthalt for the registration. Also he is required (by law I believe) to carry ID at all times in case of Random Police Control. His Travel Card for work is also not valid without the correct ID. OR if it is not possible for you to send back the original documents, may we have a "Beglaubigung" of a copy of his original ID documents with a stamp. It is really important."

But I have still not had an answer back about this.

#LetMyHusbandIn is a hashtag for people to use on Twitter to gather support for my cause, to hopefully to make people aware of this unfairness and ultimately to just get the visa for him, bless his heart.

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