Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thursday is Errand Day

On Thursday, I have to do my grocery shopping and buy a new travel card for June while the May one is still valid.

The weekly menu is going to be made using, recipe ideas to feed your family for under a fiver

So a trip to the butchers is in order too.

Things I will need to put on the launch pad:
Changing bag, drinks for the kids, snacks, nappies, wet wipes, Shopping Bags!
My handbag, keys, purse, cash...

It will be a long and tiring day because the place I have to buy the travel card from is a long way away, on buses and trams. I hope they make a lift up to the train platform one of these days. If I could get into town on the train (train station just round the corner from me), that would save loads of time (15 min journey into the city centre instead of over 1 hour with the bus and tram). Unfortunately it is not possible for me to get the tandem buggy up the steps. Rah! Whinge over, be positive. Be thankful. Be grateful. Not everyone has such a good public transport service. Imagine if I was in England trying to get around on public transport. At least I have the buses and tram service here, usually with quite enough room for the kids to stay in the pushchairs whilst on the journey. Not like that time in England when I had to get up the hill to the hospital and the bus driver made me fold down my buggy which had all my shopping stashed underneath, and then was moaning about me leaving the (folded up) buggy in the aisle...

So I shall go to bed now and set my alarm for 4am (to wake up my DH for work) and see if I can start my day too at that time. I think I will end up going back to bed in all honesty cos 4 hours sleep is just not going to cut the mustard. Something more sensible would be 7am. I can re-set the alarm, unless I end up pressing snooze a hundred times ! Yawn.

Off to bed now.

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